What is included in the Lighten-Up package
  • VO2 Max Test
  • Bod Pod Test
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Test
  • Nutrition Talk
  • 14 one hour training sessions (with personal trainer)
  • HIT Fit Evaluation (session 15)
What is included in the HIT Fit Package
  • VO2 Max Test
  • Bod Pod Test
  • 14 one hour training sessions (with personal trainer)
  • HIT Fit Evaluation (session 15)
What is included in the Speed-Up package?
  • Initial AAA test (session 1)
  • 16 one hour training sessions (with personal trainer)
  • Post AAA test (session 18)
What happens after the initial package is completed?
The HIT Center offers “Continuation Packages” which include various packaged session amounts. The more sessions you purchase, the greater the discount per session. A client may make monthly payments toward the balance of their Continuation Package. “I have never worked out before.” Or “I am too out of shape to go to the HIT Center.” Is the HIT Center the best place to start a fitness (or weight loss) program, considering it is a “high intensity training” facility? The HIT Center is actually the safest place to start your workout program. The initial comprehensive physiological testing performed at the beginning of the Lighten-UP and HIT Fit programs are designed to test the client’s fitness level directly from them. It is not based on predictions or calculations. Where the client is measured during testing will determine their fitness capabilities and capacity. That information is used to develop a unique “exercise prescription” for that individual client that will be implemented by a trained exercise physiologist during each workout. Therefore, a marathon runner will be pushed to their measured capabilities while someone who is just starting a workout program, who has completely different measured capabilities, will be encouraged by their trainer to work to that level, ensuring increases in fitness and health.
How old does an athlete have to be to start the HIT Center?
kidEach athlete is different. We have had athletes as young as six years old train with us. We evaluate each athlete on an individual basis, so some young athletes are ready to begin earlier than others. Obviously a very young athlete does not need to do complex lifting patterns or lift very heavy weight, but they can learn the fundamentals of running mechanics and improve on their coordination.
What is the difference between strength and speed training?
Speed training works on the same principles of the strength training. To improve performance in any way there needs to be a progressive overload. This means the athlete needs to be given work loads that are more demanding than there body is used to performing. With strength training, the overload is usually the amount of weight an athlete can lift or the amounts of repetitions that can be performed. With speed training, the overload is the speed in which the athlete can perform a correct pattern. This can be done in many different and advanced ways here at The HIT Center.
Myth Buster: Speed cannot be taught.
This is totally incorrect. It is true that some athletes are faster by nature than others with no training at all. This can be due to genetics and many other factors. To say that an athlete can not get faster at any point in there career is completely false. Even the slowest athlete can be improved by a complete evaluation of there needs. In most cases there are certain fixable factors and roadblocks that an individual my possess that hinders there ability to move fast.


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