“Just you wait until you’re my age!”

5 Most Important Aspects in a Baby Boomer’s Training Program “Getting old is NOT for the faint of heart.” “Never get old.” “Just you wait until you’re my age!” These are just a few of the quotes I hear from my clients on a semi-regular basis. They are usually spouted off to me in retaliation to an exercise I’m getting ready to make them do during their workouts – especially […]

Why The Fad Diet You’re Doing Might Cause More Harm Than Good.

Why the Fad Diet You’re Doing Right Now Might Be Doing More Harm Than Good Paleo, Keto, Atkins, South Beach, Whole 30, Weight Watchers… Any of these sounds familiar? It’s because they can all be categorized under “Fad Diets” on Google. The Fad Diet you might be trying may be doing you more harm than good and here is why. When it comes to dieting, everyone wants a magic pill […]

Learn How To Get Your Arm In Throwing Shape For Upcoming Basbeall/Softball Season!

Learn how to get your arm in shape for the season…its right around the corner. Proper arm care is a must for baseball players and, specifically, pitchers. If you are not doing anything in the off season to prepare your shoulder for the rigors of the season, you are doing yourself a disservice. Let’s break the preparation for baseball season into 3 phases. Phase 1: Prepare your whole body. Oftentimes […]

5 Common Sense Ways To Manage An Injury While Still Exercising

5 Common sense ways to manage an injury while still exercising    Take 1 week off.  I know the title sucked you in with learning how to get better without rest but the truth is you need to figure out if rest is going to help the condition.  1 week is a short period of time and you can gain a lot of information from a little rest.  It its […]

How Paramount is the Accuracy of Your Wearable?

How Paramount is the Accuracy of Your Wearable? As I was finishing up a workout a few Sundays ago, I got off the treadmill feeling pretty accomplished only to realize I wasn’t wearing my Fitbit. ARG! I immediately felt defeated. Now having no record I completed a workout, it’s like it never even happened! This is the effect wearable technology has on us. It gives us a feeling of accomplishment […]


How To Prevent Athletic Injuries In Your Upcoming Sport Season

2018, The Year of Prevention! In preparation for the upcoming spring sports, many trainers and coaches will incorporate an injury prevention program in to their pre-season training. School age students participating in team sports are at a higher risk for sport-related injuries. Of these, lower extremity injuries have statistically shown to be the most common, accounting for more than half of all reported sports injuries. An increase in both non-contact […]

New year, NEW GOALS

Congratulations to our Lighten Up Client, Matthew Churton, who has lost 60 pounds so far since April 2017. Matt’s waist size has gone from 40 inches to 34 inches! Matt trains with us 4 days a week implementing cardio and strength training each workout. Way to go Matt! New Year, New GOALS BUY ONE, GET ONE 50% OFF BOD PODS ALL OF JANUARY The New Year is a time for […]