Adult Bridge Program

The Adult Bridge Program at the HIT Center is designed for the adult client looking to improve their health and fitness. This program is for anyone who has not worked out in a long time and needs a re- introduction, may be coming off an injury, finishing up physical therapy, or anyone who may be intimidated by working out alone. Under the supervision of a personal trainer, you will learn how to work out safely, addressing any limitations, and making modifications when necessary.

The Bridge Program is a six-week program which includes one initial consultation with a licensed physical therapist to assess any limitations or issues and two training sessions per week (12 total sessions) with a HIT Center personal trainer. In each session, the trainer will assess your fitness level by working through different exercises and movements to see how you respond. Whether injury, intimidation, or length of time since you have worked out, the goal is to build a safe program for you to do over the six-week time frame.


Client Testimonals

Bridge Trainer – Kristen

Kristen started at the HIT Center as an intern and joined the HPT staff, where she supervises two Bridge programs. The first is a Return-to-Sport program in which she works with injured athletes of all ages as they prepare to return to full activity in their sport. The second is an adult program developed for those recovering from an injury or completing physical therapy… Read more about Kristen

Bridge Trainer – Amy

Amy earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from High Point University in 2002 and her Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from Marshall University in 2005. She was one of the original employees when Dr. Shepherd began the HIT Center in Huntington. Amy has been working in the HIT Center system since 2005 in both Lexington, KY and Huntington and throughout the years has climbed the ladder from intern to executive director…Read more about Amy

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