HIT FIT offers clients high intensity fitness training and body composition training. The program was designed by Dr. Shepherd to improve cardiopulmonary and musculoskeletal fitness in clients who do not need to lose weight, but who want to become extremely fit.

The HIT FIT program features High Intensity Training techniques foreign to the “fitness” industry. From the weekend 5K runner to the racquetball player who wants to beat his office mate at the local gym, the HIT FIT program is the ticket.

All HIT FIT training is predicated on an evaluation program only available at HIT Centers. The Hallmark of the HIT FIT program is the determination of VO2 max, anaerobic threshold, balance, strength, body composition and many other parameters by using the most sophisticated equipment in the world. Continual reevaluation determines the efficacy of the exercise prescription as carried out by a trained exercise physiologist.

Serious clients appreciate the HIT FIT Evaluation program that constantly monitors and serves as basis for adjustment as fitness improves. The HIT FIT high intensity fitness training program fills the gap between the Lighten-Up client and the Speed-Up athlete.

Remember, you're not fit, until your HIT Fit!

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