Athletic Development


Speed, strength, and agility are key components to an athlete’s success. Regardless of the sport, all competitive athletes need to train in order to improve their skills. Scientifically based protocols, designed and proven to enhance athletic performance, are what justifies our fusion of science and sport.

To determine your strengths and deficiencies, The Hit Center puts you through an Athletic Ability Assessment in order to generate a program specific to your results. We conduct a second AAA at the conclusion of your program to determine your improved physical performance. There are different levels of athletic development training at the HIT Center based on age, and athletic ability.

Our core program focused on improving overall speed, agility, quickness, strength and conditioning.
The Power-Up program is a next level program that combines our unique and unparalleled Speed-Up program.
The Level-Up program is a program designed to take athletes to the next level.
Coaches know today that it takes more than one star player to make a difference.


Take your game to the next level with Athletic Development from the HIT Center.

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