Athletic Ability Assessment Test (AAA)

The AAA test battery measures the following:

  1. Height
  2. Body composition via Bod Pod
  3. Handgrip strength
  4. Aerobic Fitness via VO2 Max
  5. Vertical Height jump
  6. Sprint speed
  7. 20 yd. shuttle
  8. Foot speed
  9. Strength (Bench Press)
  10. Wingate (anaerobic power)
For football and soccer players only (administer the Three Cone and Broad Jump after 20 yd shuttle)

3 cone drill:

  • The gate is placed at the starting point
  • 3 point stance for football.  2-point stance for soccer
  • The athlete must use the right hand to touch lines and cannot touch ground with left hand on turn around the cone
  • Two Trials Total

Broad Jump:

  • After a jump is performed one foot must stay in contact with the ground when landing
  • The measurement should be taken from the heel of the foot furthest back
  • 2 Trials Total
vertical jump


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