Why The Fad Diet You’re Doing Might Cause More Harm Than Good.

Why the Fad Diet You’re Doing Right Now Might Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Paleo, Keto, Atkins, South Beach, Whole 30, Weight Watchers…

Any of these sounds familiar? It’s because they can all be categorized under “Fad Diets” on Google. The Fad Diet you might be trying may be doing you more harm than good and here is why.

When it comes to dieting, everyone wants a magic pill to give instant results, when truth is, it’s simpler than you think to lose weight. Many people are looking to “fad diets” to lose weight as fast as possible, when in the long run, they don’t help you keep weight off long term as many are difficult to continue with throughout your life.

Losing weight is a like a math problem: BURN MORE THAN YOU CONSUME, A.K.A.; you must be in a calorie deficit from your normal eating patterns.

For example:
Example, John Deer is eating 2,500 cal/day. John is wanting to lose 5-10 stubborn pounds. John will need to decrease his daily caloric intake by 300-500 calories in order to see his weight decrease on the scale. John Deer would now be eating 2,000-2,200 calories to help jump start weight loss. After his desired weight is reached, John will have to decide if he wants to lose more weight, maintain, or gain weight, all things being considered that muscle mass stays the same or increases. No fad diet is going to tell you how you need to eat in a deficit, it will more than likely tell you what you can and cannot eat. All foods fit in your diet, if you’re enjoying the cupcakes in moderation, you’re getting more green vegetables than sugars in your diet, and your carbohydrates and proteins are monitored.

Fad Diets can be geared towards not creating a healthy relationship with food, instead they are restricting many of the micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients that our bodies need to aid in healthy weight loss/gain and to properly fuel our bodies. When trying a new diet, you are also more than likely eating too many “healthy” foods that can aid in your caloric surplus even if they seem healthy. At the end of the day, weight loss or gain is a calorie deficit or surplus.  You cannot lose weight by eating at your normal caloric intake, and you cannot out train a bad diet.

At the HIT center we offer various forms testing to help determine what your calorie intake should be in order to lose or gain weight. We offer Resting Metabolic Rate testing to see how many calories you are burning at rest, and Bod Pod testing to see where your current body composition is at via lean mass vs. fat mass. Give us a call today to help set up your diet consultation or to check your RMR or Body Composition and stick with those 2019 Resolutions! (304) 529-4482.

Brittney Blanton, B.S. Exercise Science
Assistant HIT Fit & Lighten Up Director
HIT Center Social Media Manager 

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