zach2I’m from Barboursville, WV and I am studying exercise physiology at Marshall University. As a senior at Cabell Midland High School in 2008, I received a scholarship to play basketball at Alderson-Broaddus College in Philippi WV. After playing basketball there, I then transferred to Marshall to focus more on my future career. I currently coach AAU basketball as well as work with any aged athlete on their basketball skills in my off time. I have worked side by side with previous NBA players as well as been coached by them. Despite not playing college basketball anymore, I still keep myself extremely active. I play in multiple men’s basketball leagues, men’s softball leagues; I golf, as well as running and training. While training at The HIT Center, I enjoy working with anybody and everybody. I work with clients just looking to stay in shape or become more fit, to clients who are wanting to take their athleticism to the next level. My extensive participation in sports and training has allowed me incorporate my knowledge into my training and allow my clients to get the most out of their time with me. A previous coach of mine once told me that “the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary,” and that is something that has always stuck with me and I have choose to live my life by.

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